Plan 9 From Outer Space


Harry was hired to do the makeup for Plan 9... Tor and the Aliens and Tom Mason (Lugosi's double). Vampira did her own make up. Harry wanted to make the aliens look like they were from outer space. He wanted to give them round mouths and when they spoke, you could understand them, but they would speak with a slight whistle. Harry spoke with the sound man and he agreed they could do it. The aliens were to have cat eyes, large ears, a large head with a Mohawk style hair. Fans of the film know that the aliens looked like regular humans.


Harry often told this story and explained that Ed Wood would not give him the time to apply the makeup. Harry even made the appliances on his own time and could have quickly transformed the aliens. Harry always said that the aliens looked and sounded like they came from Harvard rather than from outer space. I have 2 sketches that Harry drew late in the 1990's of what he felt the aliens in Plan 9 should have looked like.