The Outer Limits (1963-1965) is one of the best science fiction television series from the early 1960's. Harry worked as an assistant to Fred Phillips.

Cold Hands, Warm Heart (Second Season): Before William Shatner was Captain Kirk on Star Trek, he played an astronaut returning from a successful orbit around Venus only to discover that he can't keep himself warm.

Harry Thomas created these arms for William Shatner in the Outer Limits episode Cold Hands, Warm Heart. SOLD

The Chameleon (First Season): Robert Duvall starred as an intelligence agent who disguised himself as a creature from another planet. His mission was to infiltrate into a crashed flying saucer and discover its mission on Earth.

The hands were screen worn in the Outer Limits episode The Chameleon. They were purchased by my friend Eric Levin when he interviewed makeup man Harry Thomas for Filmfax magazine. Harry Thomas kept them in his makeup room of his home. Harry is pictured on the set of The Outer Limits in the book The Outer Limits Companion. I also have a photo of Harry with the hands from later in his life. SOLD

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