Missile To The Moon


My friend, Harry Thomas, did the make up for both Cat Women of the Moon and the sequel, Missile to the Moon. When I asked him about these two films, he told me stories that I had printed on the Cat Women page. Since Missile to the Moon was harder to find on VHS at the time, I had only seen Cat Women of the Moon. Several weekends when visiting with Harry, he would ask "Have you seen Missile to the Moon yet? It is a much better film than Cat Women because it is in color." Well, Harry's memory was understandably mistaken after 30+ years, because both movies were in black and white (Though Cat Women was released in 3D). Possibly, Harry was remembering that all of the cat women had black hair in the original, while the ladies were blond, brunette and red head for the sequel. These items were recently sold through Profiles in History: