Bride of the Monster

Bride of the Monster (1955) was the last time Bela Lugosi's voice was heard on the big screen. This enjoyable film was directed by Edward D. Wood Jr. and is a classic example of an actor rising above his film. It's a must see for fans of Bela Lugosi and Ed Wood.

Harry Thomas talks about Bela Lugosi: Bela sometimes got frustrated when Ed Wood directed him. He asked me once what he was doing. I told him, "You're acting, of course." Lugosi said, "I know, but vot kind ov acting? He tells me to look dis vay, look dat vay." "Well," I explained, "it's your kind of acting. You are good at anything. Just do what Ed tells you to do." "But I have no script," Bela replied. "Don't worry Mr. Lugosi. Ed doesn't have a script either." I always called him Mr. Lugosi....never Bela....I respected him a great deal. He always put his heart and soul into his work. He never felt that these low budget pictures were beneath him. He was a true artist and I was thrilled to work with him. Once when I was slicking down his hair, he offered me one of his big black cigars. "I like you very much, Harry, have a smoke with me." Well, I don't smoke cigars, but rather than insult him, I took it. I don't know what it was made from, rope I guess, El Ropo. He lit it and me, being as young as I was, I got high. I began to feel light headed and each time the cigar went out, I was happy. But, Bela would see that it had gone out and he would say, "Harry, let me light that for you".

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