8x10 glossy photo from Attack of the Giant Leeches (1959) hand signed by both men in the monster suits, Guy Buccola and Ross Sturlin. Signed in a "busy" part of the photo, signatures have better contrast in person. 

Hand written quote from Robert Clarke, actor who played The Hideous Sun Demon in 1959. Robert hand wrote one of his lines from the movie and signed it. From the collection of Forry Ackerman's assistant, Lincoln Bond. $60
Voted as one of the worst movies ever made in The Golden Turkey Awards, this was hand signed by Bill Freed. Paul Parla met Bill and had him sign a few of these photos and Bill wrote something silly and different on each one. This one was signed on an original photo with snipe on the back. Email for a Bill's autograph on a reprint photo.  $50


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